Why are Stereotypes Bad?

Stereotyping is another from of social judgement because when you agree about a stereotype you are effectively judging every person that happens to be the subject of your statement. Woman can’t drive is a common stereotype. If this statement is true then why is it that recent studies have proven that 50% more accidents are caused by men. Men are also more likely to speed, drive drunk, run stop signs, and not wear their seatbelts.

That stereotype has now be proven false. Men are far worse drivers than women and it is time we accept it.

Another common stereotype is that all black people are on some sort of government welfare. The truth is that white people and black people are almost equally receiving welfare benefits. Each group represents forty percent of the total welfare recipients. So the stereotype that all black people are receiving government help is untrue as well. Since there are just as many white people collecting benefits too.

These are just two stereotypes and I have proven both of them to be false. This is why stereotypes are bad because they lump a large group of people into a group and you make an opinion on them all. Generalizations only get us so far as a society and these type of generalizations will usually just result in arguments that solve nothing.

For my teenage readers those whole think your are lazy, weak-minded and selfish must not have met the group of kids I have the pleasure to spend a lot of  my free time with. They are the most caring, hard-working and giving teenagers I have met. Many of them amaze me on a daily basis with the amount of extracurricular activities they do and still have some time to sleep. I am proud to disprove those rumors. I am also proud to know such fine young adults.

 If you encounter a stereotype take a few minutes and research the content. I think you will be surprised at what you find. 

My last blog of the week will be from a reblog from a teenager that has dealt with stereotypes. I hope their story will inspire you to overcome the stereotypes that are plaguing our society.

If you ever have any questions comments of concerns fell free to email me at iamsam311@gmail.com. Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Why are Stereotypes Bad?

  1. Kristin Hill says:

    I love that you do this. I hope it makes a difference in someones life. Love ya Stevie!

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